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  1. Eileen Sullivan January 26, 2012 at #

    Hi Jim,
    Just wanted to thank you and your site! I worked for NYCEMS for 29 years. I retired 3 years ago, and just passed my Mac. Being out of the loop I knew I needed help and this web site was the extra help I needed. Thank You for all you do!!!
    Eileen S

    • JimH January 27, 2012 at #

      Thanks Eileen, glad you passed. Just think, 3 years of peace.

      • Victor Encarnacion May 20, 2021 at #

        I just purchased the Remac practice test. when i press the start test nothing happens.

    • Victor Encarnacion March 29, 2021 at #

      I’m trying to access the practice exams , am i suppose to pay for them. If so can you assist me on doing so I’m having trouble doing so. Thank you.

  2. Paul Miano April 5, 2014 at #

    Do these exams cover the May 2014 protocol changes?

    • Jim Hoffman April 5, 2014 at #

      They will be updated by May.

  3. Orlando Martinez December 9, 2014 at #

    I have used EMSSEO successfully with my windows laptop,
    Apple IPad will not support the Adobe flash since its a memory hog and may crash your system which is why Apple won’t install it onto their iPads. HOWEVER I have downloaded an App called PHOTON and it is flawless with my Apple Ipad , I have taken every flash based exam and tutorial with it. I can now leave my laptop at home and just bring my IPad to work. You can read the help tutorial on its main page to help with any flash issues. If you have any issues I will reply within the next two weeks until I take my Last Remac Exam.

    • Jim Hoffman December 9, 2014 at #

      Orlando, thanks so much for posting this tip. I will look up some info on this app and post a formal video or article on it. Jim

  4. Orlando Martinez December 9, 2014 at #

    no problem, i also have taken the exams flawlessly on my old iphone 4 this week.

  5. aris gonell June 13, 2015 at #

    Im trying to download the mp3 audio files Im getting this…
    .Error 404 – Page not found!

    The page you trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

    • Jim Hoffman June 13, 2015 at #

      There was a typo in link. Sorry it should be all set now. – Jim

  6. Aaron Katz June 23, 2015 at #

    What protocols do are these exams testing????

    • Jim Hoffman June 23, 2015 at #

      All guidelines are ftom current protocols. Should you see a discrepancy let me know.

  7. elizabeth SALAZAR August 14, 2015 at #

    I’ve logged in several times and I’m paid up but I keep getting sent to a site that wants me to buy a membership. My remac is on monday and I’m wasting alot of valuable time. please respond at my email or better yet call me: (917) 280-3498;

  8. James Arsenault October 30, 2015 at #

    I purchased medical math and I can’t figure out how to access it.

    • Jim Hoffman October 30, 2015 at #

      Hey James

      Once you are logged in you will see a menu for WEBINARS on the right side. Click on the EXAM HELP area and you should see the Medical Math content.

  9. redwin mendez August 17, 2016 at #

    the front page say this exams are based on the new 7/2016 protocols, you do not mention mso4 IM

    • Jim Hoffman August 17, 2016 at #

      Can you tell me where you see the error? Which exam or question? I do not see it.

  10. Kirt Bowen December 8, 2016 at #

    I am not able to access the exams that I subscribed to. Is it possible to get some assistance?

    • Jim Hoffman December 8, 2016 at #

      You are all set Kirt. I have updated your membership

  11. Kirt Bowen December 8, 2016 at #

    I am still having trouble accessing the exams. I paid for the Paramedic exam series and the Conquering the National Registry Cognitive exam 5.95 and 14.95 respectively. I think I was able to get to the Paramedic exam series earlier but not the latter. any suggestions?

  12. robert brager December 4, 2017 at #

    I am taking the remake recent exam this month based on the new 9/17 protocols. Am i correct in that there is only 2 pracrice exams here that have the new protocols in them. All the other remac practice exams i see are from 2016 and earlier. How can these assist me in preparing for the upcoming exam?

    • Jim Hoffman December 4, 2017 at #

      All exams are updated with current guidelines. The two exams recently added were to add more content and cover some protocols that are new and also new exam formats.

  13. Vincent Santoiemma March 18, 2018 at #

    I have renewed my membership and am not able to access the NYC REMAC practice exams. Please help.

  14. AJAY SHARMA December 5, 2019 at #

    Good morning Sir , how can I view practice exams on my I phone5s.

    • Jim Hoffman December 5, 2019 at #

      All exams and content can be viewed on mobile devices. Once logged in you can access as you would you laptop or desktop.

  15. Virginia Parker December 29, 2019 at #

    I paid for two webinars and can’t figure out how to access either one. Where do I go to access them?

    • Jim Hoffman December 29, 2019 at #

      Virginia – I see you are registered for the content. They are both under EMS Webinars in the right navigation. MCI is under Operations and the Shock session is under Clinical .

  16. Miguel Roche' January 23, 2020 at #

    Again Thank You for all your assistance and Knowledge…Today I took my State exam And passed with flying colors.New style was interesting but nothing has changed…Good Luck to All.

    • Jim Hoffman January 29, 2020 at #

      Great feedback Miguel. Glad you passed and the exams helped. Stay safe

  17. redwin mendez February 29, 2020 at #

    I have just purchased the REMAC practice test twice and I can not figure out how to view my content.

  18. redwin mendez March 8, 2020 at #

    I just ordered the Audio Video Lab so I can use it on my phone but I can not access it. It’s shows that I don’t have it. Please help.

    Thank You !

  19. daniel mboh March 29, 2021 at #

    Am having difficulties accessing the practice exam. and I have paid for it. please kindly help me resolve the problems

  20. daniel mboh March 29, 2021 at #

    Can you please refund my $18 on the video purchase, I don’t need the program. thanks

  21. Victor Encarnacion May 20, 2021 at #

    I just paid 29 $ for the NYC Remac practice test but all I can access is the general knowledge test . I’ll be taking Remac test soon. I press the Remac test access but nothing happens. Help please.

  22. Kathleen Wood September 1, 2021 at #

    Is there one or two epis standing order for anaphylaxis. I know how it’s worded but the FDNY Ems academy confused me. Just looking for clarification.

    • Jim Hoffman September 1, 2021 at #

      I see it as 1x then med control for repeat

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