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NYC REMAC | 2021 Online Audios

These are the audio version of the 2021 protocols for online listening. If you want to download the MP3 versions click here.  Adult Medical Adult Cardiac Trauma Pediatrics HAZMAT To listen and access the 2022 versions click here

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NYC REMAC Audios | 2021

Since the last minute change of extending the effective date of the 2022 protocols was posted. The 2021 versions of the audios where removed.  Some are still testing based on 2021 guidelines. So I have posted the MP3 versions of the 2021 guidelines and you can download them in a secure zip folder via the […]

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NYC REMAC Audio Training

Welcome to the NYC REMAC Audio/Video study content.  The videos and audios are broken down into six sections that are each approximately 30 minutes long for easy viewing and listening.  Below each video section is the link for the MP3 version only.  If you want to listen to the MP3 versions offline you can download […]

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