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Advanced Study | Pediatrics Part Six

Seizures/Epilepsy: 8% of pediatric transports, many are febrile (fever) seizures. Make note of duration, aura, level of responsiveness, parts of body involved, postictal period, incontinence Simple Partial: no loss of consciousness, motor signs or sensory symptoms Complex Partial: psychomotor or temporal lobe seizures; purposeless activity Absence: formerly called Petit Mal, loss of consciousness, short periods […]

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Seizures | Neurological Emergencies

Seizure: sudden abnormal brain cell activity. Seizures reoccurring over a span of years is called epilepsy. 3/4ths of people with epilepsy have their first seizures before age 20. Four types of seizures: Generalized major motor seizures: tonic-clonic, muscles rapidly contract and relax. Also called Grand mal, last 2-5 minutes Focal motor seizures or simple partial […]

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