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NREMT Skills Mastery

These videos are recordings from the Conquering NREMT Skills Exam session with Steve Whitehead of TheEMTSpot.com. It has been broken down into 2 segments for easy viewing. The audios and other bonus items for this session¬†are included in the zipped folder found on the main NREMT Mastery page. (more…)

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NREMT CBT Exam Mastery | Part One

The videos below are from the Conquering NREMT CBT Exam webinar conducted with Steve Whitehead of TheEMTSpot.com. The session was broken down into 4 parts to make for easier viewing and retainment of the content presented. Parts One and Two are on this page. Remember that the audio of this session along with handouts and […]

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EMS Exam Mastery

This is a session on mastering any EMS exam. Conducted by Greg Friese of EverydayEMSTips.com and Jim Hoffman of EMSSEO.com. This session will give you confidence on taking not just the NREMT exam but any exam in your EMS career. There were a lot of bonuses with this session and all are included in the […]

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NREMT BLS Skills Jukebox

The NREMT BLS Audio Video Showcase provides the audio jukebox below for listening and note taking of the skills. You may also download the audios from the compressed zip folder for offline listening. This is a proven and powerful way to retain and master this large amount of content. (more…)

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