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Trauma | Brain Injury

Head and Spinal Trauma Brain Injury: Concussion, contusion, open injuries, hematoma and hemorrhage Signs and Symptoms: Headache Unequal, dilated or nonreactive pupils Loss of consciousness Retrograde amnesia = no recall of events before injury Antegrade amnesia = no recall of events immediately after recovery of consciousness Decorticate posturing = arms flex in to the core […]

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Head and Spinal Trauma | Head & Neck

Head and Spinal Trauma Anterior Neck Trauma: injuries to the base of the neck carry the highest mortality rate. Major vessels, lungs, esophagus, trachea, cervical spine. Laceration of major vessels >>> rapid exsanguinations, or significantly compromise the airway. Assessment: Penetrating Trauma Shock Active Bleeding Tenderness Crepitus Hematoma Pulse deficit Neurological deficit Esophageal tears >>> subcutaneous […]

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