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Central Nervous System | Neurological Emergencies

Central Nervous System (CNS): brain and spinal cord, involved in the serious neurological problems. Affects: Cognitive Systems: responsible for alertness, awareness, normal wakeful state Cerebral Homeostasis: balance, maintaining brain perfusion and oxygenation using cerebral auto regulation. Motor Control: affects tics to seizures, weakness to paralysis Sensation: alterations in sensory systems accompany weakness>paralysis Types of CNS […]

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Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System Brain Cerebrum Diencephalons Hypothalamus Thalamus Pituitary Brainstem Medulla (heart rate, breathing, vasodilation, vomit, swallow) Pons (sleep, respiration) Midbrain (exit of cranial nerves) Cerebellum Spinal Canal: through the Foramen Magnum down to the 2nd lumbar vertebra, below that it divides into the Cauda Equina             Meninges and CSF: […]

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