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Trauma | Electrical & Radiation Burns

Specific Types of Burn Injuries Electrical Burns: Three types: Direct Contact burns – current to skin, Arc injuries – current jumps air to skin. Source, voltage and type of current are invaluable to the attending physicians Entrance Wound Exit Wound Flash burns (no electrical current passes through body) If possible start two large bore IV […]

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Trauma | Inhalation & Chemical Burns

Specific Types of Burn Injuries Inhalation: 20-35% of all patients admitted to burn centers. Happens in closed environments i.e. building, car, plane. Dangers are: Heat Fire consumes O2, none left to breathe Production of Carbon Monoxide and other toxic gases Displaces O2 on the hemoglobin 250x the affinity that O2 has for hemoglobin Supraglottic: thermal […]

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Trauma | Burn Severity

Burn Severity: What is the depth of the burn? Superficial (no blister), Partial thickness (blister), Full thickness (all layers, nerve endings destroyed) What is the extent of the burn? Rule of 9s, or palms UPGRADE CLASSIFICATION if: Are critical areas (the face, upper airway, hands, feet, genitalia) involved? Any other pre-existing medical conditions Is the […]

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Trauma | Burns | Overview

Burns: soft tissue receives more energy than it can absorb without injury: thermal, chemical, electric or nuclear. 10,000 deaths a year. Always perform a complete trauma exam to see if there are other injuries. Damage depends on: Type of Exposure What part of body was exposed Length of contact Three Zones of Intensity Zone of […]

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