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Trauma | Blood

Blood: 3 functions: Transportation: delivers O2 and nutrients, carries away wastes Plasma 55% of blood, fluid with proteins Erythrocytes: Red Blood Cells, most numerous of all blood cells, contains hemoglobin, a proteins that binds to O2 Platelets – formed elements that make clots Erythrocytes and Platelets makeup 45% of total blood volume Regulation: buffers regulate […]

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Blood – Fluid tissue made of cells and plasma Average pH is 7.4, 5 or 6 liters of it _ Red blood cells – erythrocytes, hemoglobin binds/carries O2 and transports it _ White blood cells leukocytes _ Neutrophils – fight bacteria _ Lymphocytes/monocytes – fight virus and fungus _ Eosinophils/basophils – allergic reactions _ Platelets […]

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