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Respiratory & Airway Part Eight

Foreign Bodies in the Airway Adults commonly choke on food and dentures Children choke on toys, coins and food Stridor – high pitched noise heard on inspiration Cyanosis – bluish color to skin with with hypoxia Assessment: is it partial or complete obstruction? Retractions – sucking in of soft tissues of the chest during inspiration […]

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Respiratory & Airway Part Seven

Combitube: ET tube and a large pharyngeal tube molded together Easy insertion Blind, no equipment needed, don’t need to see cords Patient’s head in neutral position Ventilate the correct tube once in position Self-adjusting/positioning posterior pharyngeal balloon Diminished gastric distension and regurgitation No face seal needed Disadvantages: Can’t seal trachea Only use on unconscious adults […]

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Respiratory & Airway Part Five

Airway Adjuncts: Maintain a patent airway Oropharyngeal- measure corner of mouth to earlobe. Patient must have no gag reflex. Use with a BVM, counters obstruction of tongue, facilitates suction. Doesn’t isolate trachea, can’t have clenched teeth. For pediatric use a tongue blade, it must be the right size Nasopharyngeal – measure tip of nose to earlobe, […]

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