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Happy Labor Day – hope everyone is going to be able to relax today. If you have to work, I wish you a “Q” day.

Just wanted to give a quick shout and mention to new members and wish them good luck on their exams and studies.

Amin Valentin

Peter Tyler

Scott Welsh

Michael Haggerty

Wendell Harris

Mike Watson

Jamie Bernal

Kyle Owens

Jennifer Pietrzyk

I also want to congratulate  Christine Boehm for successfully passing her NYC REMAC exams and welcome her to the paramedic ranks.

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  1. Ivan Barrenechea June 13, 2013 at #

    In question 2, NYC REMAC removed new onset LBBB. So now its just ST elevations…

    • Jim Hoffman June 13, 2013 at #

      Ivan Barrenechea Yes, I know about this change. Will be updating the questions on this shortly.

      • ALEXIS JOSEPH October 31, 2013 at #

        hello sir, just want to say thk u, for this site, it has help me be more prepare, this is my second go around out of my 7 yrs as a medic and my problem was failing the first one, and passin the sec, whn I took the sec test, I was more aware of wht remac was asking and how the question was fraze..I believe before ppl take the exam, there should be atleast a one week course, just a thought, thks again,

    • daniela garcia September 12, 2013 at #

      they didnt change the protocol yet. it is a proposed change

      • Jim Hoffman September 13, 2013 at #

        Daniela, which protocol do you mean?

  2. Kyle Scalcione July 25, 2013 at #

    I read your above posts however I just wanted to mention this but question 2 reads as follows “Protocol #529 is for patients with isolated extremity injuries with extended time on scene or delayed transport times. After performing BLS procedures your next step is to…” Protocol #529 is for Pain Mgmt for Isolated Extremity Injury for Adult and Peds and in italics “For patients with isolated extremity injury, if there is severe pain”. It doesn’t or no longer mentions anything about delayed or extended transport times. It does however mention if MOI suggests there may be other injuries, transport should begin and pain mgmt done enroute after contating OLMC. Thanks.

  3. Kyle Scalcione July 25, 2013 at #

    By the way, thanks so much Jim for your website and practice exams! This was a great tune up for my REMAC exam today as well as a relief from some anxiety I’ve felt as the date has approached. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to NYC EMS and EMS in general. Much appreciated!

    • Jim Hoffman July 25, 2013 at #

      Kyle Scalcione Thanks for the feedback and the heads up on the verbiage. The answer to the question is correct but like you said the initial wording has changed. I will be sure and update this. Jim

  4. fangli wu August 4, 2013 at #

    Hi, Jim. i think the 12 lead is not clear enough. in addition, when i review, i can’t open the EKG to check the rhythm.

    • Jim Hoffman August 6, 2013 at #

      Make sure you have pop ups enabled to view the larger version of the 12 lead. Also, there is a downloadable graphic of each 12 lead that you can enlarge and view. That link is at the bottom of the exam.

  5. thomas torres August 15, 2013 at #

    asthma protocol #507 states dexamethasone 12mg IV/saline lock bolus or IM . ur exam # 5 marks wrong – dex 12mg IV/saline lock bolus slowly over 2 mins . ? question 37…..also your test states albuterol may be repeated until pt shows improvement , asthma protocol # 507 sts ‘may be repeated twice (total of 3 doses) help ! got my REMAC exam tomorrow aug 16th

    • Jim Hoffman August 16, 2013 at #

      Hey Thomas – Step 2 in the protocol state “Administer Albuterol Sulfate 0.083% (one unit dose of 3 ml), by nebulizer, at a flow rate that will deliver the solution over 5 to 15 minutes. May be repeated until patient shows improvement.”

      Max 3 doses is when it is combined with Ipratropium Bromide.

      On the Bolus vs IM option. Be careful not to confuse asthma with anaphylaxis. The question asks for this drug under anaphylaxis guidelines not asthma.

      Good luck on the exam. Be sure to read the full question and don’t get caught in previous questions with similar signs and symptoms.

  6. Victor Brathwaite October 24, 2013 at #

    Jim, I became a member of this site today10/24/13 and I am trying to access NYC Exam One and all I am receiving is blank space and ‘Good Luck Victor’. Please help me navigate this site. Thanks in advance.

    • Jim Hoffman October 24, 2013 at #

      Hey Victor, thanks for joining. The exams are Adobe Flash based. So make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash player installed and are using IR, Chrome or Firefox browsers.

  7. Victor Brathwaite October 25, 2013 at #

    I am on my Android phone and I do have adobe flash player not sure about chrome and Firefox browsers.

  8. Philip Thompson October 25, 2013 at #

    Humm.. does not seem to work on FF 24.0?

    • Jim Hoffman October 25, 2013 at #

      Hey Philip, sorry about that. Seemed to be a coding issue from last FF update. Should all be fixed now.

      • Philip Thompson October 26, 2013 at #

        Thanks: Seems to work perfectly now.. (That was a fast fix!)

  9. elizabeth ambrosino November 11, 2013 at #

    Trying to access exams…all it says is “this plug is not supported”. Can u help? Also exams are dated prior to July 2012 updates. Are the answers correct for this year’s MAC exam?

    • Jim Hoffman November 11, 2013 at #

      Elizabeth, you must have the latest Adobe Flash plug in installed to view exams.

      Yes exams are updated to current guidelines. The dates you see are the original posting dates only.

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