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Respiratory & Airway Part Eight

Foreign Bodies in the Airway Adults commonly choke on food and dentures Children choke on toys, coins and food Stridor – high pitched noise heard on inspiration Cyanosis – bluish color to skin with with hypoxia Assessment: is it partial or complete obstruction? Retractions – sucking in of soft tissues of the chest during inspiration […]

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Respiratory & Airway Part Seven

Combitube: ET tube and a large pharyngeal tube molded together Easy insertion Blind, no equipment needed, don’t need to see cords Patient’s head in neutral position Ventilate the correct tube once in position Self-adjusting/positioning posterior pharyngeal balloon Diminished gastric distension and regurgitation No face seal needed Disadvantages: Can’t seal trachea Only use on unconscious adults […]

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Respiratory & Airway Part Five

Airway Adjuncts: Maintain a patent airway Oropharyngeal- measure corner of mouth to earlobe. Patient must have no gag reflex. Use with a BVM, counters obstruction of tongue, facilitates suction. Doesn’t isolate trachea, can’t have clenched teeth. For pediatric use a tongue blade, it must be the right size Nasopharyngeal – measure tip of nose to earlobe, […]

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Respiratory & Airway Part Four

Respiratory & Airway Part Four Assessing Intubation Placement – end tidal CO2 detectors Disposable colorimetric Electronic monitor Breath Sounds: listen for epigastric sounds after intubation. Apex of lungs right and left, mid clavicular right and left and mid axillary right and left Movement and Use of O2 in the Body depends on (Fick Principle): Adequate […]

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Advanced Study | Respiratory & Airway Part One

Airway & Respiratory Anoxia: Lack of O2 Hypoxia: low levels of O2 to the cells, reduced O2 supply to the cells, leads toanaerobic metabolism> metabolic acidosis> cellular depression> cellular death Treatment: O2, it increases the patient’s ability to compensate for the hypoxia Hypoxemia: insufficient oxygenation of the blood Atelectasis: alveolar collapse Compliance: stiffness or flexibility […]

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