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IV Therapy | Part Two – Needles and Catheters

Needle/Catheter Catheter remains in the vein Needle facilitates the passage into the vein 3 types: Plastic over hollow needle, needle is pulled out after insertion in vein leaving the catheter in place, gauge measurements 14-26. Plastic catheter through a hollow needle Hollow needle (butterfly) Gauge Measurements Gauge measurements 14-26. The smaller the number, the larger […]

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IV Therapy | Part One

Important tool for cardiac disease, hypoglycemia, seizures and shock also: Routes for meds Precautionary measure IVs come in four types Crystalloids – dissolving crystals (salts and sugars) in water. Ions cross the cell membrane quickly so for every L of blood lost, give 3L *(3:1 ratio)* Colloids – Expensive, need refrigerated, not given in field. […]

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