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Geriatrics | Special Considerations

Other Special Considerations: Toxicology: average 4-5 prescriptions routinely> drug interactions>non-compliance>side effects Substance Abuse: stress, depression, confusion, falls Environmental Emergencies: sensitive to changes in temperature Trauma: osteoporosis makes it easy to fracture long bones, pelvis and hip Cardiac: function and output are already reduced. Shock and blood loss can have a profound effect on perfusion Head […]

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Geriatrics | Specific System Issues

Specific Systems: Ask them “What has Changed?” Respiratory complaints: watch for Pneumonia, PE, CPOD, Cardiovascular: watch for CHF, what medications, take orthostatics Nervous system: watch for Stroke, and determine when the current issue started. Cincinnati Stroke Scale: Facial droop (smile), Arm Drift, Speech Thrombolytics must be administered within 3 hours to help Endocrine: watch for […]

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Geriatrics | Overview

Common Problems due to Falling: Reduced mobility and independence Poor nutrition due do difficulty preparing food and eating it Difficulty with elimination Skin abrasions, injuries and circulatory compromise Injuries/trauma from falling Decreased medical compliance History of Falls, investigate: CNS disorders Weakness Impaired vision Dizziness Cerebral vascular accidents Medications Changes in Normal Sensation: Vision: cataracts are […]

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