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Drowning and Diving Emergencies

Near Drowning: drowning is death by asphyxiation during an immersion episode, so near drowning is when the process is interrupted and reversed. Drugs and alcohol are involved in 35-75% of drownings. Lakes, ponds and backyard pools. Males 5-8x more likely, also older, younger and African American are higher risks. Assessment: Signs and symptoms: Progressive dyspnea […]

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Cold Emergencies

Cold Disorders: Mild: CBT > 32.2 C or 90 F Severe: CBT < 32.2 C or 90 F Compensated: presence of signs and symptoms but with normal CBT Hypothermia victims stop shivering at 90 degrees Three primary causes: Cold water immersion – principle cause of death in boating accidents. Any water less than 98.6. Acute […]

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Heat Emergencies

Heat illness: increased CBT due to inadequate thermolysis Heat cramps: pains in muscles exercising in hot environment. Excessive loss of salt and water in sweat. Care: move to cool, sips of cools water, IV of normal saline, 15L/min O2, transport Heat Exhaustion: more severe loss of fluid and salt. Pale, sweaty, hypotensive Headache, thirst, normal […]

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Environmental | Quick Study Reference

Medical condition caused or exacerbated by weather, terrain, atmospheric pressure or other local factors. Risk factors that make it more likely: Old or young age General health Fatigue Existing medical conditions (diabetes etc.) Medications Systemic: hypothermia, heat exhaustion and heat stroke Localized: frostbite, sunburn Core body temperature (CBT): normal is 37 C or 98.6 F. […]

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