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Medical Legal

What you should know  Paramedics operate in a community that exposes them to professional liability and that requires them to have a solid understanding of law and ethics. Failing to perform their job as expected within the medical community, the legal community, and the regulations of the jurisdiction in which they function will expose them […]

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Well Being of EMT/Paramedic

What you should know  Paramedics need to know how to ensure their own well-being. Wellness has at least four dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is important to keep all four dimensions healthy and balanced. The American Heart Association’s Simple 7 are seven factors that have been found to improve heart health: get active, […]

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Foundations and History

What you should know World Wars I and II saw the development of ambulance corps to rapidly care for and remove injured soldiers from the battlefields. During the Korean and Vietnam Wars, wounded soldiers could be saved by using helicopters to rapidly remove them from the battlefields to a medical unit. In 1966 the National […]

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