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Communications | Part Four

Documentation Documentation: the process of recording patient information Proper documentation includes: Record of the scene Patient’s CC Patient’s condition Nature and extent of emergency care given Changes in the patient’s condition Patient’s name, address, age and sex Administrative information ie disposition of the call Reasons for Documentation #1 Continuation of care, supplying vital info to […]

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Communications | Part Three

Oral Report – description of the case given by the EMT to medical direction or receiving hospital. Standard format: ID# and level of training of provider Description of scene Patient’s age and sex Chief complaint Associated signs and symptoms Pertinent history of present illness Pertinent past medical history, meds, allergies Physical exam findings Level of […]

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Communications | Part Two

Types of Communication Simplex: one direction at a time, pro: finish your message without interruption Duplex: 2 separate frequencies are paired. Simultaneous transmission and reception Multiplex: transmits simultaneously 2 or more different types of information in either or both directions over the same frequency. Digital Communications: data or sounds that are converted into digital code […]

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Communications | Part One

Communications The EMS Team communicates via written, electronic and verbal means with: Callers and dispatch center Among the EMTs Back up units Emergency Department EMS System Admin Public safety units Disaster networks Medium for messages Face to face Radio or phone Leaving voice mail Write a note Email Fax Pagers with text Verbal Communications Semantics: […]

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