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  1. Evan Wright December 19, 2021 at #

    The fact that there is nothing posted here is the definition of irony.
    Reach out to professionals if you are struggling with organization and focus at home, in class, the field, or even if you are just curious if you may fall under the ADHD criteria . It starts with simple googling of psychiatrists, and seeing if they are in your network by emailing or calling their business and asking. Talk to professionals about your struggles. If you are uninsured, a phone call to find out pricing for an appointment and the cost of medication is free.
    Coping with personal struggles on your own does not necessarily mean you are using the best tools. A diagnosis’s don’t make you a weak person.

    • Jim Hoffman December 19, 2021 at #

      Thanks for the feedback Evan. The tips you gave are spot on. Wish you could have joined us on the cast.

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