Thanks for dropping in and taking this quick survey. I will be doing a podcast soon on this and wanted to see how many EMS professionals struggle with ADHD and find it a plus when it comes to the work EMS does.

Many students that join me at Turbo Medic often have ADHD and need help passing exams and being better at EMS.

Thanks again and I will share results soon.



Do you have ADHD?

What have you struggled most with when it comes to EMS and ADHD?


Do you feel you were drawn to EMS as a career because of your ADHD?


What is the one (or two) things that have helped you overcome ADHD when performing your tasks as an EMS professional?

(if you never found it a struggle, please note below why if you can)

Do you find adult ADHD to be a continuing factor in your EMS career since passing your classes?


Please provide any feedback you can below to share how ADHD has effected your EMS career. Both positive and negative.


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